Book: Think Dutch!

dec. 2013
Bottles Collection & New Found Treasures are featured in Think Dutch.

This book showcases 469 inspiring architecture and design projects, all realised by Dutch studios in recent years. Published by Frame in collaboration with Daab, this book shows impressive new ways of thinking and demonstrates that crises can inspire pioneering visions.

Viewpoint Magazine

Winter 2013
Bottles presented in Viewpoint magazine.

Schöner Wohnen

sept. 2013
Bottles were used in spread of Schöner Wohnen, German living magazine.

NRC lux magazine

24 may 2013
New Found Treasures in NRC Lux, additional to NRC newspaper.


may 2013
Bottle was used in gardening spread of Libelle, Dutch womens lifestyle magazine.

Eigen Huis & Interieur

march 2013
Bottles applied in a spread about Dutch architects StrandNL in Eigen Huis & Interieur magazine.

The Big Issue Taiwan

march 2013
Birdhouse is covered in march issue of The Big Issue Taiwan

Eigen Huis & Interieur

dec. 2012
Article about the New Found Treasures collection and the new Hotel Modez in Arnhem.

Design Top100

dec. 2012
My personal design top 10 is to be found here.

Arnhems Design Workshopcalendar

dec. 2012
Beautiful girls, great workshops and designs for a good cause; 3FM Serious Request. June covers my workshop.

Eigen Huis & Interieur

nov. 2012
Part of the top 10 upcoming Dutch designers according to an expert panel in november issue of Eigen Huis & Interieur magazine.


8 sept. 2012
Article ´Young Talent´ in Dutch daily newspaper Volkskrant.

Park Magazine

sept. 2012
Bottles in dutch lifestyle magazine Park.

Vedett backlabel

summer 2012
Birdhouse on the backlabel of Belgian beer Vedett. Available in your local pub from the summer of 2012.

Objexts    Germany

may 2012
Birdhouse in article about special birdshouses in first issue of Objexts magazine.


april 2012
Bottles covered in Dutch interior magazine Résidence.


march 2012
Birdhouse in article in Home & Garden magazine.

Eigen Huis & Interieur

jan. 2012
Saddlestool covered in a shopping article in Dutch interior and design magazine Eigen Huis & Interieur

Lisa Wohnen    Germany

jan. 2012
Bottles in an article in Lisa Wohnen Dekorieren, a German interior magazine.

New Style Woman

jan. 2012
One-spread piece about the Bottles Collection in an article about 'New Dutch Design' in Dutch fashion and living magazine NewStyle women.

Maison Cote Sud  France

dec. 2011
Bottles are covered in an article in French interior magazine Maison Cote Sud.

CalendarBook 2012

nov. 2011
Bottles are in the [ZOO] CalendarBook 2012, a combination of a book and a calendar, with this years theme glass.


nov. 2011
Three spread item which covers Bottles, Enamelled Cups, Coffee Maker and pieces of the 'Rauw' dinnerset. In Dutch version of ELLE Decoration.

Eigen Huis & Interieur

nov. 2011
Saddle Stool in Dutch interior and designmagazine Eigen Huis & Interieur.

Financieel Dagblad

24 sept. 2011
Bottles Collection where covered with short interview in a three-spread article called 'Recycling without borders' in Dutch daily newspaper Financieel Dagblad

Volkskrant Magazine

24 sept. 2011
Vases in an article about re-use in Dutch daily newspaper Volkskrant.

Audi Mag    Switserland

july 2011
Bottles are covered in an article in Audi magazine about top ten summer gadgets.


july 2011
Vases in shopping article about products from wonderland in Dutch womens magazine Viva.

BVD    Israel

june 2011
Bottles are covered in an article in Israel leading interior design magazine BVD.

Casa da Abitare    Italy

april 2011
Bottles in a photoshoot called "Il bianco è a colori" (white is the color) in Italian design and living magazine Casa da Abitare.


april 2011
Interview about the Bottles Collection, concept and workproces in Dutch glass magazine Fjoezzz.

VT Wonen

april 2011
Bottles where used for several shoots in Green-themenumber of VT Wonen, a Dutch living and lifestyle magazine. Photography: Jeroen vd Spek and Dennis Brandsma.

Goedele    Belgium

april 2011
Birdhouse can be found in newsitem Gspot in Belgium lifestyle magazine Goedele.

ELLE Decoration

april 2011
The birdhouse and the Bottles Collection are part of the Gespot (spotted) item in the Dutch version of living and design magazine ELLE Decoration.

ZIN Magazine

febr. 2011
Bottle is part of an article called 'Glashelder' (clear as glas) in Dutch lifestyle magazine ZIN.

Wysokie   Poland

feb. 2011
Birdhouse is part of an article about various types of birdhouses in Polish weekly 'Wysokie Obcasy'.


jan/feb. 2011
The Bottles collection are are part of an article about the best studentwork of 2010, in international designmagazine FRAME.

Á Vivre   France

jan/feb. 2011
Coffee Maker is part of an article about new Dutch design in French architecture and design magazine Architectures á Vivre.

TL Magazine   Belgium

jan/feb/march 2011
The Bottles collection is part of the article 'Glass is Sexy' in Belgian trends & living magazine TL.


jan. 2011
Article about the house of Reiko Kaneko in London (UK). On website you can find this beautifull image.

1 jan. 2011
The Bottles collection are number 4 in an article about "Best Students Of 2010"  according to

Eigen Huis & Interieur

jan. 2011
Article about the Bottles Collection in an update about the latest designnews in Dutch lifestyle magazine Eigen Huis & Interieur.

Elle Deco    China

Jan. 2011
Vessels from the Glass collection in an article about the Dutch Design Week 2010 in Chinese lifestyle magazine Elle Deco.

Arkitektur N    Norway

dec . 2010
Article about the Birdhouse in the productpage of Norwegian architecture magazine Arkitektur N.

Eigen Huis & Interieur

dec . 2010
Article about the 107 best design gifts for the Christmas periode. In Dutch lifestyle magazine Eigen Huis & Interieur.

KLM magazine

oct. 2010
Article in the october 2010 issue of Holland Herald, inflight magazine of KLM airways. Toghether with the works of Dieter Volkers and Juliette Warmenhoven.


23 oct. 2010
Article about birdhouses in several Dutch regional newspapers.

Pasajos Diseño    Italy

sept. 2010
Article about graduating students from Artez Arnhem product design in Italian design magazine Pasajos Diseno #22.


29 sept. 2010
Article/interview part of opvallend ontwerp (striking design) about the Birdhouse in Dutch daily newspaper.

VT Wonen

sept. 2009
Bowls on the cover and in an article in Dutch livestyle magazine VT Wonen.

Book Collectie Arnhem+

april 2009
Book about the Collectie Arnhem+ initiative. A collaboration project of third year Product Design students of ArtEZ Arnhem.


2 april 2009
Article about the carchair designed for Prautotype 003, in a Dutch daily newspaper.